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Custom Made Pallets don’t need to be ordered by the hundreds. The fear of not having enough buying power shouldn’t stop you from looking at the price of getting one made. You can order as few as one custom made pallet, but the more you buy, the better the pricing will be.


Here’s 3 key things to consider when weighing up whether Custom Made is what you need.



Does your product hang over your pallets? This is are clear indication that your pallet isn’t suitable for the application.

You can stop your products from being damaged by changing the size to suit the item sitting on it. Speak to a rep and see what a Custom Made Pallet can do for the reducing your losses.




Have you considered whether your pallet is over engineered for what you need it for? Maybe you could use something lighter weight and smaller? This could save you on the unit cost, footprint in your warehouse and even freight costs.




If you’re not interested in a Crate but still want more protection than a Standard Pallet, then a custom made pallet could be the solution. From simply pre-drilling holes for you or lining the base with felt, to fitting your pallets with scalloped timber, we can customise your pallet to make sure your product is better protected when it’s being shipped.



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