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Custom Made Wooden Boxes

Wooden Boxes



As a manufacturer of Wooden Boxes, we need to know your application before we can accurately quote to custom make the wooden box you need. After all, what you’re using it for will determine how we pull it all together.

The directors at UBEECO would have loved to have had the time to write a book on the variety of items they’ve manufactured boxes for over the past 45+ years. We still get surprised as well as pleasure out of some of the more exciting and unusual applications our customers have had over the years.



A recent application for us was a couple of wooden boxes for Batman & Robin Lego statues. These were being shipped to Gaming Trade Shows. Whilst the boxes themselves weren’t anything to write home about, it’s not every day we get to box up a couple of super heroes.



A rewarding application from our history in 1974 was making 800 wooden boxes for shoes, it was for the defence, after Cyclone Tracey hit Darwin. With the cyclone unexpectedly hitting in the middle of the night, many people were not wearing shoes so the army ordered and arranged for boxes to be sent down.



Although we’re industrial packaging manufactures, the rising trend of industrial furniture has been many enquiries coming into our office chasing pallets and wooden boxes to use in a retail environment or as furniture. We stress, we’re not furniture makers, but we love seeing you convert our industrial goods into something a little more interesting and creative. 


All in all, every application is always unique and should be made to fit the purpose of what you need it to. Our team might ask a lot of questions when you contact us, but this is the best way we can ensure you get a product that is perfect for YOUR application.


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