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What's Better - Plastic or Timber Pallets?

Timber Pallets V Plastic Pallets


So what’s better, Timber Pallets or Plastic Pallets? The last 10 years has seen substantial interest in Plastic Pallets. Whilst there’s a perception of one being better than the other, it’s a difficult debate to take on. Because something that’s better for one customer, might not be better for another.


From our point of view, regardless of whether the core of our range is timber or plastic, it’s about finding a solution for our customers. Most of you reading this know we’re timber manufacturers, and have been for over 40 years, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’d be on the “timber is better” bandwagon.


When our customers and prospective customers call, we ask questions about the application so that we’re sure that the right product is being quoted.


Some things to consider are;

-Do you need hygienically clean pallets?

-Can your products fit on the standard size range of a plastic pallet?

-Do you keep your pallets in house, or have the ability to manage their returns?

-Are your customers demanding plastic pallets?


The plastic versus timber pallet debate really comes down to what works best for you. This is something that our team are here to help you with, so don’t hesitate emailing or calling to get some help. 

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