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Buy Plastic Pallets in Sydney

Plastic Pallets


 Sourcing Plastic Pallets in Sydney won’t be a hard task. The demand from businesses wanting an Enviro Pallet alternative has driven Timber Manufacturers like us to source and supply this eco friendly option along side our standard range. We knew we needed to range this, but how do you know if you should consider using them?


Do you Export? Plastic pallets are significantly lighter in weight and will save you on freight costs…. saving on freight, who doesn’t like that?


Do you need your pallets to be clean? If you think you can clean up a timber pallet, think again, the only sure way for a hygienic clean, is a plastic pallet


Do you have any spill risks? Whether it’s a chemical or not, the last thing you want is the mess from spill leaks in your factory. Spill kits can be slipped under a plastic pallet.


Do you hate paper work associated with ISPM 15 Timber Pallets…??We know you’re out there, you probably ship food so you’ve got enough forms to fill in, so the plastic pallet can save 1 more document from being filled in and signed off.


Do you just want to weigh up the costs? Then do it, if you’ve never looked at the pricing you should check it out. It can’t hurt…..


No doubt you will have more of your own questions, or just want to talk about the options available contact our office on 02 9670 9800 or Our YouTube Channel.

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