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Plastic Pallets For Sale



Plastic pallets have been around for many years, but they’ve only started making inroads as standard product option in the last 5 or so years. Whilst many companies look to purchase plastic pallets, they’re not quite prepared for the cost and nor are they sure what’s available in the market place. 

When it comes to plastic pallets, custom made is not an option, in fact, unless you’re looking at millions of units a year, it’s not even something that can be entertained. But the upshot is that a considerable amount of time and effort has gone into selecting the sizes that are available giving you a great chance of sourcing a pallets that’ll be exactly what you’ve been looking for. 

To help you understand plastic pallets we’d like to outline the style and size options we have on hand; 



Your basic style of plastic pallet is a smooth top, grill top and nest-able pod pallet. 


Smooth top

Smooth top pallets are most common for the pharmaceutical industry, the smooth top layer means that there are no pockets for moisture and dirt to sit in. This allows the customer to have a completely hygienic pallet that can be steam cleaned without concerns of moisture being left behind. 


Grill Top

The grilled top is not necessarily weaker than the smooth style. They’re incredibly strong pallet, but they’re lighter in weight due to using less material to manufacture. This also means that the price will be somewhat of a cheaper option to consider. 


Pod Style

The nest-able pod style plastic pallets are a more economical option. They’re not only one of the cheapest options available, they save you on your storage and transport as they can nest inside one another. This style could be considered for putting into shipping containers to make it less expensive for the exporter when giving these away with their goods. 



The basic stock sizes are; 1165 x 1165, 1100 x 1100 & 1200 x 800

Your application and needs are likely to dictate the size you choose rather than price. We’re not limited to these 3 sizes, but generally find that these are the most suitable for our customer’s needs. We carry new and second hand stock (when available). 


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