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What Is A Standard Pallet Size?


If you’re chasing down some standard pallets for the first time, you might firstly be asking yourself, what an Australian Standard Pallet actually is? There’s so many options on hand and a variety of “Standard Options” that it’s a no wonder it’s difficult to find the answer. 

Australian Standard Pallet sizes are only standard here. They’re considered non-standard anywhere else in the world and measure 1165mm x 1165mm. They’re produced with 7 boards on top, 3 bearers and 5 slats running along the base. They have a weight tolerance of 2 tonnes. 

In the past, you’d say that a standard pallet would be made from hardwood, but with hardwood not being as easy to source nowadays, you may find a combination of both soft and hardwood being used. Manufacturers like us are able to produce this without compromising on the quality. 

The Australian Standard pallet was originally designed for putting into railway containers. Allowing you to stack 2 side by side on both decks, giving you a 60 pallet capacity per carriage. The development started after World War II when the Americans left their materials handling equipment and massive stock of pallets behind. This was how CHEP was formed. 

Whilst this is considered our countries “standard”, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right size or product for your application. When exporting in shipping containers, you’ll find an 1100 x 1100 is a more suitable size. And if your product is not standard be it oversized or over weight, a custom made solution might be the answer. 

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