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CARDBOARD BOX – What Is a Standard Carton

Standard Cardboard Box

Are you trying to work out what a standard cardboard box is? You might be looking for a while as “standard” can mean different things to various suppliers depending on the industry they supply to.

Generally what we find people want, is something standard off the shelf, that doesn’t require tooling or set up costs. The most common style of carton that’s stocked and off the shelf is an RSC. 

RSC stands for Regular Slotted Carton. An RSC is probably the most recognised type of box with flaps open top and bottom. It can be a tiny little box measuring 200mm x 200mm x 200mm or a gigantic 2000mm x 2000mm x 2000mm box. 

We have a range of stock RSC cartons available in quantities as few as 100 units, and can custom make a carton to suit your product for you. 

Cardboard boxes come in a range of flute sizes and materials, meeting with a sales representative to discuss your application is the best way to ensure you get a carton that’s fit for purpose and will protect your goods from being damaged. 

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