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Benefits Of A Plastic Pallet

Plastic Pallets

90% of the pallet market use a Timber pallet, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the right choice for you. Plastic pallets are widely accepted and as readily available as a timber.  


Have you considered what a plastic pallet has to offer?

• Hygienically Clean – Can be steam cleaned for food and pharmaceutical industry standards

• Save On Freight – Lighter weight pallet saving you on the overall weight of your load

Variety Of Styles– Smooth top or Grill top. Rack-able. Stackable. 4 Way Entry and more

• Heavy Duty – You might be surprised how much weight a plastic pallet can hold

Longevity – When handled correctly, Plastic Pallets can last up to 10 years

ISPM 15 Ready – Unlike Timber Pallets,  Plastic pallets do not require export certification


If these are solutions you’ve been looking for then why not let us arrange a quote for you to compare and consider a plastic pallet.


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