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What Is An Australian Standard Pallet?

An Australian Standard Pallet measures 1165 x 1165. It’s suitable to hold up to 2 ton of weight and made up of 7 boards on top, 3 bearers running through the middle and 5 boards on the base.

Whilst the standard pallet is one of the most popular styles we sell, it’s not the only style of pallet available. We’re able to work with you to create a custom made pallet to suit your application.

Perhaps you want to keep the foot print size of 1165 x 1165 and modify the top by closing the top completely in, or changing the bearers to blocks so to create a 4 way entry? There are a number of solutions we can provide to your standard pallet such as;

·         Closed deck top

·         2 way or 4 way entry

·         Felt lining

·         ISPM15 certified for export

·         Hardwood and or softwood timber

·         Trenched, grooved or scalloped timber pieces

·         Custom Branding


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