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Wooden Pallets Sydney - How do you find the right one?

There's never a dull moment with request for pallets in our sales office. The applications are rarely the same in any one day. Whilst the majority of customers know exactly what they want, there's still a number of people who have never bought a pallet, or are unsure what is actually available to them.

Both internal and external sales teams are experienced to help find the best solution for you. A household name for Wooden Pallets is CHEP, its common for people to refer back to as a guide for size, shape, or weight tolerance.

Something that you might not realise is, you don’t have to have a standard pallet. You can get them custom made, and they might actually save you money!

So pick up the phone and talk to our team, tell us about your application so that we can work on a better solution.

Custom made pallet

Things to consider;

  • Are you using a racking system?
  • Do you need access for a trolley jack
  • Is this being used for export?
  • Is longevity for continued use required?
  • What is the max weight it will hold?

These are some basic questions our team will ask in establishing the best option for to supply you with Wooden Pallets in Sydney.

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