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We have gained a reputation with our customers as the experts in export packaging services. Our experienced team is always on hand to work with you to establish the most cost effective way of transporting your goods to their destination safely and efficiently.

We're committed to providing export solutions according to your budget and product needs, no matter how big or small the job may be. UBEECO™ understands that exporting needs vary greatly and that in order to determine the best solution we need to be briefed about your product and the method in which you’d like to send it.

For instance, if your goods are being sent by air, a lightweight case or crate can be manufactured to save costs on the overall weight. If you're goods are being packed into shipping containers, we will maximize the space used whist packing your goods. Our exclusive VCI and Barrier Foil are the premium options in preserving and protecting your shipment from rust and corrosion.

With UBEECO™, the sky's the limit - all it takes is a phone call to our experienced packaging consultants and we'll get started.

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